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 North Face Sale just south of san mateo


A 'badge' of cool North Face Sale

Merely bruce horovitz, usa in modern times

San leandro, calif.Back to school dreams are here, just south of san mateo.

The earth's biggest backpack maker, jansport, sizes and shapes its megaline here.So does its oh so hip sister venture, all north face.The two make almost half of all small backpacks sold in the us.

Shots:Backpacks come to forefront of faculty fashions

Backpacks are merely for lugging books and peanut butter sandwiches.Students also pack them laptops, cell phones and ipods.They've evolved into techno fashion bills that have to look hip, feel at ease and hold an ever evolving array of stuff.

Bagging the right backpack may have passed buying cool clothes as the most culturally crucial back university ritual.

"A bag is a marker.It's your firm stand out of how cool you are, states alan krantzler, sales chief at luxury luggage maker tumi, which is growing a new market with student targeted backpacks.

School bags, which began emerging as an accessory for kids in the 1980s, are a $2 billion business with double digit growth.And they are everywhere:58% of shoppers own backpacks, With 61% of the packs bought on behavioral instinct, To be able to a JanSport survey.About half of sales come in the back to college third quarter.

The easy, $15 packs with two zippered storage compartments are so 1990s.Backpacks now are high tech and current fashions.And high outlay:Some north face kits now cost north of $100.Tumi last year offered an uber cool $695 special with a solar panel to charge ipods and cellphones.

"Backpacks are getting command central, says permit mccracken, a cultural anthropologist and research affiliate at the boston institute of technology. "When you concentrate on what's in them, they almost function as mini mobile homes,

Many students are as emotionally attached to their backpacks as to their best jeans or sneakers.

"It's as crucial to me as my skateboard, Face declares laura jabczenski, a 14 year old university freshman from tucson, who has turned her pack into a artwork with detailed drawings on it.

She skate boards to school with her $150, ultra tailored skullcandy link street pack controlling her ipod(Appl)And cellphone via Jackets Sale UK buttons on straps.She can operate and listen to both if you don't take them out of her pack because the straps also have tiny speakers sewn in. "My take, states,"Is which defines me,

Many students carry a day pack for school or have a weekend or evening pack.

Jansport says about half the bookbag sold are black.But this type of season, flashy prints and off the beaten track designs have found their way into the mainstream, such jansport's $35 superbreak chocolate chip bubbles pack.It's brown with aqua blue bubbles and has been ordered heavily by retailers who already see it as a top seller.Another pack getting buzz this months are the $109 surge from north face, which will be neon yellow green.

It's machinery, suffice to say, that's pushing the structure envelope to almost reinvent packs.

"We've moved from the flintstone era of backpacks to the jetson era in just a couple of years, affirms mark treger, advertising chief at goodhope, supplier of g tech bags, which sells a $90 pack dubbed the techno that lets owners charge ipods from a five button panel on a strap.

For many trainees, a backpack is about more than what they've it's about who North Face Jacket Sale they are.

Jill lin, a senior at the higher educatoin institutions of california, irvine, recently went into the campus book shop and spent $84 for a mobile edge milano bag that has special pockets for her ipod, laptop and cellular.It also a faux crocodile skin and a small, pink ribbon that shows her support for cancers of the breast victims.

"It's a fashion history, states. "I want it to suit your needs, but i would like it to express myself,

Nike's new $200 evaluated canvas and rubber pack is marketed as being made in an eco sensitive manner.Nike's onto something its pack marketing are up 22% this year, spokesperson dean stoyer says.

Super class sales

No pack maker owns back to high school as jansport does.The company won't specify how much business it does this month or year, it is"A troublesome spike, utters ann daw, the merchandising chief.She'd prefer balanced sales all year-Round.

"We sell more packs in a week than good deal sell in a year, boasts co originator skip yowell.Jansport has sold 25 million of its top selling superbreak pack since 1979.

At the front end of jansport's design department sits the"Encouragement board, on the foot, musicians have pinned products, samples and what nots gathered in world travels.A polka dot bikini from japan.A funky t shirt with a tree the same shape as a guitar from europe.A pair of flashy sandals from asia.

Pack designs can be caused by anywhere.A cloth furniture sample brought back from europe last year by r director paula kosmatka was turned by artist mariah peters into 2007's hit:The brown bag with aqua green bubbles.

"It will abide by me to my grave, laughs peters.

Image is each thing.Perhaps no one knows that cheaper than north face designers.North face designs student school bags as hiking packs, simply book bags.

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